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[Condor-users] condor and web services

Hi  there,


I’m fairly new to condor and windows and have been reading the emails about using web services to interface with condor.

I’d like to get more information on this.  Is there documentation on that specifically?


I have a java application that is deployed to a web service container (axis1.6 within tomcat 5), accessed via port 9090, running under Windows XP, on a dual processor Dell Optiplex 745.


I have condor 6.8.5 installed on the Dell which is the condor master machine.  There are no other ‘slave’ machines at this time, but the intention is to eventually install condor on a cluster of Windows machines.  In that eventual scenario,  there would be a ‘condor master’ and multiple ‘condor slaves’, all running Windows XP.


My java  application calls condor_submit (using Runtime.getRuntime().exec(CondorSubmitCmmand))  to put several (up to 24) duplicate MS_DOS scripts into the condor queue, each with different arguments.  The batch script is actually a wrapper around a Perl script.  Each of those scripts then starts another java application (via ‘system(“java …..”)’, again each with different arguments.


This setup seems to work using only the condor master machine, where two jobs can run at a time, while the rest wait in the queue, and I assume will continue to work when I eventually add the cluster of windows machines.  Note that this whole setup was working fine running under linux, with  a linux master and a cluster of linux slaves.


However, I wonder if there is a better way to do this using web services to interface with condor.  Hence my question.

Is there documentation on this?