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[Condor-users] Postprocessing multiple independent job results

Sorry for the double post. The last subject was opposite of what I wanted.

I have a calculation which I want to run many times with different
input (permutations). The jobs are not dependent on eachother during
execution. Currently I am running all the calculations serially on one
machine, but I want to spread the different calculations
(permutations) out on a grid to make it faster. The calculations are
run for each time step in a database and I would like to have the
results realtime. The individual jobs are pretty small, but there can
be many of them. I have all the input files for the calculations on a
NFS server.

Now my problem. After all the calculations for one time step is
finished I have to find the job that calculated the best result. This
result has to be written to a database for that time step (Or maybe I
could just get the input for the best job and run that single one
again locally). Is there some bulit in way to compare output? I have
been looking at DAGMan for dependent jobs which looks like something I
could use. Should I write the result to standard out or to a NFS
location? Could DRMAA help me?

I am also unable to relink my executable with the Condor libraries. It
sais it can't find my own libraries which are to be linked in as well.
Regular compile without condor_compile works just fine. Therefore I
have to run with the vanilla universe.

Atle Rudshaug