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Re: [Condor-users] Suspending other jobs when a privileged user submits a new job

On 10/17/07, Bryan K. Wright <bryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi folks,
>      I'd like to configure some compute nodes so that any
> user can submit jobs, BUT when certain privileged users
> submit jobs, all jobs owned by non-privileged users will
> be suspended until the privileged jobs complete.  (FWIW,
> all jobs are in the vanilla universe, and so can't be
> migrated.)  Is there a way to configure SUSPEND in
> condor_config.local to accomplish this?

I fear you have misunderstood the capabilities of the SUSPEND functionality.
It does not allow you to free up the slot for use by another job. Only
to stop a job doing anything for a while (the original idea presumably
being that if someone wants to use the machine interactively they can
be largely unaffected by the job without totally killing it).

You can make use of multiple slots and some sophisticated slot
dependent rules to allow one slot to be only for the special users and
its activation trigger the suspension of the other slots. this is
somewhat complex and searching the list archives for posts on this
will give a better feel for it, especially what 6.8/ 6.9 have added to
make it better.

Note that many previous posts will refer to the slots as VM's, the old