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[Condor-users] New user questions for cross-platform job creation

Hello all,

I'm trying to understand how I can create submit files that are cross-platform. What I mean by that is I want to call wrapper scripts that are already on the node and I need a way to tell condor that output should be on a shared drive which is different on each platform. For example, say I want a way to use a variable or macro $(JOB) to be a central location for my script. On windows $(JOB) would be j:\ and linux /job. I've tried adding these to condor_config.local but so far, all of my tests haven't succeeded as it appears that condor_submit resolves those before it submits the job, so that when a node in the pool gets the job and is of a different platform it has the wrong value for that platform.
Does anyone have advice for me?