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[Condor-users] Condor-G and GT4 multijobs


Is it possible to submit a "multijob" (as defined in WS GRAM) using 
Condor-G? If so, how?

My more particular requirement is that I would like to submit to GT4 a 
script which sets up environment (working directory etc), then run an MPI 
application, then run a script that does some simple postprocessing of the 
MPI job's output. All of that is atomic from a user's perspective and I'd 
rather avoid submitting 3 jobs and waiting with the second job until the 
first one completes. I know that DAGMan could do the job sequencing for 
me. But what I'd rather like to do is fire and forget, without the need to 
keep some DAGMan process hanging around on the client.

Jan Ploski