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Re: [Condor-users] How to use Condor's checkpointing library in NS-2 (network simulator 2)


I found some information from one project named BGP++( http://www.ece.gatech.edu/research/labs/MANIACS/BGP++/). In this project, NS-2 gets checkpointing support by Condor, and the compiling method is: "appending the -DHAVE_CONDOR on the DEFINE macro and the -lcondorsyscall in the LIB macro in the Makefile.in of NS-2". I tried this way, but failed. The error information is "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lcondorsyscall".

Have you made sure the Condor libraries are referenced when compiling? For example, if you Condor path is /usr/local/condor then you want to add -L/usr/local/condor/lib to your compiler flags. The -lcondorsyscall should then be able to find the correct libraries at least.

Si Hammond

University of Warwick