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Re: [Condor-users] Quill vs. Quill++

It's my understanding that regular old Quill is in the 6.8 series,
and what was known as Quill++, now renamed regular Quill, is in
from 6.9.4 onwards.

The two are totally different, much different schema and modes of
operations.  Both have a number of unfixed bugs especially as
it relates to the behavior of condor_history.  If you implement
either Quill prepare to be on the permanent bleeding edge.  We have
been running Quill ever since it came out but there has always
been some gotcha with every major or minor release upgrade, most
of which remain unfixed to this day.

Steve Timm

On Wed, 24 Oct 2007, Robert E. Parrott wrote:

Hi Folks,

We'd like to implement quill on our new cluster builds, with condor
v6.8.6, but have a question regarding nomenclature and versioning.

As I understand it, there is "Quill" and there's "Quill++" which
talks to all condor daemons and not just schedd. What is the status
of Quill++, and where would one find it.

Also, Quill is included in v6.8.6 and v6.9.4. What is the difference
in codebase there as far as Quill is concerned?


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