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[Condor-users] job executes on Submit only!

I have set a renderfarm of condor on Windows XP, I am able to render Blender movie on it, but i am facing some problems, and will be really greatful if some one can help me.
1. I have two submit machines and the job executes on Submit machine only, it shows all machines, and queue etc..
2. I can only add local accounts through condor_store_cred, I can't store other machine's local accounts on centeral manager.
There is no domain authentication I am using local accounts, do I need to some thing more in it? or I am missing some thing ?
Many thanks
Muhammad Zeeshan Patoli,
Postgraduate Student,
University Of Sussex,
United Kingdom.
Cell:    00447824510623
Home: 00441273241520
Office: 00441273872556

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