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[Condor-users] Condor 6.9.4 Released!

                 Announcing the release of Condor 6.9.4!

Condor 6.9.4 is the latest release in Condor's development series with
many bug fixes and new features.

Notable highlights of some of the changes in Condor are:

  + A redesigned Quill implementation
     New features include:
     - Multiple scheduler queues may be stored in the same database
     - Job log events and individual slot classads are mirrored in the database
  + Addition of the VM universe which allows use of virtual machines
       (VMWare and Xen) inside of Condor
  + GCB reliability and scalability improvements
  + Scalability improvements in job throughput rates
  + Vista support

See the version history for further details:


Condor 6.9.4 may be downloaded from:


Thank you.

The Condor Team