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Re: [Condor-users] priority weirdness

Not sure if it's still in 6.8.5, but since 6.6.11 I have a weekly script
- stops the condor master daemon on the pool manager
- deletes c:/condor/spool/AccountantNew.log
- reboots

And these sort of problems have never occurred again :)


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We're running Condor 6.8.5 on a small windows cluster, and we've been
using accounting groups to schedule our various users' jobs.  It's been
working beautifully until now, and we haven't made any changes to the
Condor configuration, so I'm at a loss to understand what's happened.

What we're seeing is that we currently have two users with jobs in the
One, who has an effective priority of 50, has some 500 jobs either
running or in the queue.  The other, who has an effective priority of 2,
has a half dozen jobs that aren't getting started when currently-running
jobs finish.  Instead, priority seems to be going to the priority=50
jobs instead.  Worse, we weren't seeing this behavior before now, and
we've been running Condor non-stop since May or so.

Any suggestions on how we can isolate the cause of this problem?

Grant Goodyear

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