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Re: [Condor-users] Multi-Threaded Jobs on Condor

> To make this possible you have to "lie" to Condor and to add the
> following attributes in your local configuration file:
>    * NUM_CPUS=4
>    * MEMORY=2*ActualMemory

Which leads me to a request for the Condor team: I want to be able to
assign more than the physical resources to each VM but not override
Condor's internal calculation. Does that make sense?

I want to say:

VM1_Memory = 100% of the memory on the machine
VM2_Memory = 50% of the memory on the machine
VM3_Memory = 50% of the memory on the machine

Right now Condor doesn't like it if you partition the machine up
manually and the percents add to >100. I think this is okay.
Percent-based partitioning should be strongly checked. But if I want to
use hard numbers instead of percents let me go beyond the physical
resources. That is, if I say:

VM1_Memory = TotalMemory
VM2_Memory = TotalMemory/2
VM2_Memory = TotalMemory/2

That should be okay.

- Ian

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