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Re: [Condor-users] What happens if a file on the LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE list cannot be parsed?

> The manual section that talks about LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE
> doesn't mention what happens if one of the files in the list does not
> exist. For example, if I have:
> LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = $(LOCAL_DIR)/filethatexists.1,
> $(LOCAL_DIR)/filethatdoesnotexist.1, $(LOCAL_DIR)/filethatexists.2
> Do filethatexists.1 and filethatexists.2 get parsed or does Condor
> parsing files on the list when filethatdoesnotexist.1 cannot be found?

To answer my own question: my tests indicate that 6.8.x Condor doesn't
stop parsing the list of files when it encounters a config file that
doesn't exist. It keeps parsing the rest of the files in the list. So
filethatexists.1 and filethatexists.2 both get parsed for configuration

- Ian

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