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Re: [Condor-users] What happens if a fileontheLOCAL_CONFIG_FILElist cannot be parsed?

> > Sorry, I should have mentioned that I was testing this with
> > REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG = False. Your results may vary if you like to
> > this to true.
> In which case, I would expect condor to silently (maybe noting in a
> logfile,
> depending on debug settings) ignore the fact that one of your config
> wasn't present. Is this not what was happening?

This is what was happening. Condor ignores the missing file in the list.
And it lists, in the log files for each daemon, the config files it will
*try* to read but not which ones it *could not* (or could) read.
> With it set to true, I would expect it to fail if one was missing.

Since this is case I don't care about right now and I'm feeling mighty
lazy I'll leave this to someone else to test. My hunch is as along as
one file on the list is found Condor will still start up.
> Of course, my expectations could be wrong (and maybe documentation
> should be amended in any case)

I agree the behaviour in all cases is worth documenting.

- Ian

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