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Re: [Condor-users] how do you run an executable that is already on the target system?

On 9/20/07, Thompson, Cooper <cooper.thompson@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I had exactly the same problem (with exactly the same .bat file I
> suspect ;)
> I decided in the end that Condor must treat .bat files as a special
> case, which is somewhat unfortunate, but probably for some reason.  In
> https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/archive/condor-users/2006-June/msg00293.shtml
> there is discussion - and a comment that condor internally renames .bat
> files to prevent illegal names (not sure I agree with this solution -
> but I don't know the full story).

Blast from the past :)

If the bat file is small just transfer it. if it is not transfer a one
liner that invokes the relevant bat file...

Remember from an error reporting point of view that always starting a
new process in a well defined place (created by condor so with well
defined permissions too) is much easier to programatically diagnose
for errors than starting an arbitrary file in an arbitrary location.

Also it would make life much harder for admins/owners using the
job_wrapper scripting functionality.

It also offers up more of a surface for security issues which the
condor team seem (sensibly) keen to avoid.