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[Condor-users] birdbath dag submission

Title: birdbath dag submission

Hi everbody,
I'm pretty new in Condor world and have some troubles submitting dag.
Here is my probleme.
I'm using birdbath wraper to do it and I'm submitting the dag file like that:

  Schedd schedd = new Schedd (new URL("http://localhost:8181"));
  Transaction xact = schedd.createTransaction();
  int cluster = xact.createCluster();
  int job = xact.createJob(cluster);
  xact.submit(cluster, job, "jerome", UniverseType.SCHEDULER,
              "/opt/condor-6.8.5/bin/condor_dagman", /* Path to the dagman binarie */
              "-f -l . -Debug 3 " +
              "-Lockfile myLockFile -Dag myDag -Rescue myRescuDag -Condorlog myLog",
              null, null, null);

what am I doing wrong ? (the Dag File is ok because tryed by command it's working)