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Re: [Condor-users] unable to restart from a "checkpointed" process


> Here's the scenario:
> 1. start program that prints a count every second.
> 2. checkpoint the process (send SIGSTOP)
> 3. restart the process
> 4. checkpoint the process (send SIGSTOP)
> 5. restart the process

I assume you actually mean SIGTSTP since that is the checkpoint and
exit signal.

> % ckpt_test

I would suggest running it again with debug enabled:

% ckpt_test -_condor_D_ALL


% ckpt_test -_condor_restart ckpt_test.ckpt

You don't need the debug here because it was saved in the checkpoint.

This should provide a clue as to what is going on when it dies.

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forrest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx	Computational Genomics
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