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[Condor-users] Birdbath java universe classpath


I'm using Condor 6.8.5 and submitting java universe jobs via birdbath.
Unfortunately, according to StarterLog.vm1 and error messages the jar_files that I've identified in the ClassAd are not getting added to the classpath.
My jobs work fine when I submit them via the commandline, but is there something special that must be done to make this work using birdbath?

my birdbath commands look something like this...

            int cluster = xact.createCluster();
            int job = xact.createJob(cluster);
            File[] files = { new File("C:\\condor\\myClass.class"), new File("C:\\condor\\neededJar.jar") };
            ClassAdStructAttr[] ads = {new ClassAdStructAttr("NTDomain",ClassAdAttrType.value3,"myDomain"),
                    new ClassAdStructAttr("jar_files",ClassAdAttrType.value3,"needJar.jar"),
                    new ClassAdStructAttr("Out",ClassAdAttrType.value3,"out.txt"),
                    new ClassAdStructAttr("err",ClassAdAttrType.value3,"err.txt")};
            xact.submit(cluster, job, "me", UniverseType.JAVA  , "myClass.class","myClass 1 2",null,ads,files );

Does the jar need to be sent in a special way, or is there some other way that I can make sure that it gets added to the classpath?


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