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[Condor-users] Locking errors with dagman?

Hi all,

I'm saving my submit files on a remote file server. The .dag and .sub and log and lock files are all in the same remote directory.

The submitting OS X machine is connected via samba to the remote linux location. The dagman process starts the first 5 jobs but then stops creating more jobs and the error listed blow appears. The first 5 jobs do run correctly.

9/28 00:48:32 From submit: Submitting job(s).
9/28 00:48:32 From submit: Logging submit event(s).
9/28 00:48:32 From submit: 1 job(s) submitted to cluster 752.
9/28 00:48:32 	assigned Condor ID (752.0)
9/28 00:48:32 Just submitted 5 jobs this cycle...
9/28 00:48:32 FileLock::obtain(1) failed - errno 45 (Operation not supported) 9/28 00:48:32 ERROR "Assertion ERROR on (is_locked)" at line 916 in file user_log.C

I've disabled opslocks on the samba server as well.

I read that placing the .lock file on a local drive might help but i do not see a way to do this.

Thanks for any tips.