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[Condor-users] Condor needs Linux /proc/cpuinfo for various archs


I'm reworking Condor's detection of processors under Linux (Condor 
uses /proc/cpuinfo for it's data).  I've tested it on all types of machines 
that I have access to, but I'd like to get some more data points to test 

In particular, I need info on multi-processor machines, multi-core machines, 
hyper-threaded machines and non-intel machines.  Also of interest is output 
for any machines running older Linux kernels, especially in conjunction with 
the above.  For each machine that, I need:

1. The architecture
2. # of physical CPUS
3. # of cores / CPU
4. Is the CPU Hyper-threaded?
5. If 4, is hyper-threading enabled?
6. The output of "uname -a ; cat /proc/cpuinfo"
7. Any other relevant information that you think may be valuable.

Your help will help insure that Condor handles these better.  You can send the 
results directly to me.

Thanks much for the help!


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