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Re: [Condor-users] Using shell script to invoke executable in standard universe


> I have a C program which has been successfully compiled and linked using
> the condor_compile command with cc. I ran it first through a shell script,
> and I got an error in my log file stating that the job was not properly
> linked for Condor. Then I ran it directly by specifying the executable
> directly on the 'executable=' line of the class ad and it worked.
> Is there a way to call an executable compiled for the standard universe
> from a shell script, or does it have to be called directly?

In your job file include:

Allow_Startup_Script = True

Then your script needs to include something like:

... other stuff...
/usr/bin/scp myhost:myprogram .
exec ./myprogram ${1+"$@"}

This is described in the condor_submit manual page.

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