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Re: [Condor-users] Specifying storage server in submission script


> Say I have a checkpointable job that I need to submit in condor's
> standard universe. Is there anyway I can specify in the submission
> script saying which machine to save the checkpoints to? I know
> checkpoint servers are condor's configuration parameters but that
> will need administrative access to those configuration scripts.
> So my question is, if there is any way a user can mention in the
> submission script of a particular job the name of a machine which
> will save the checkpoints taken? So far, my digging shows it is not
> possible. I just want to make sure.

Yes, you can.  Add a line like the following to your submit file:

+CkptServer = "my.ckpt.server.host"

Of course, you have to be running a checkpoint server on that machine
and the execute machines must be able to connect to it.