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[Condor-users] bad xml formatting

I'm trying to convert some local administration scripts to use the xml
output from condor_q, but it seems that it doesn't output proper xml.
Note the "-- Schedd:" line that comes before the xml entity tag:

# condor_q -name myschedd.mydomain.org -xml | head

-- Schedd: myschedd.mydomain.org : <>
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE classads SYSTEM "classads.dtd">

    <a n="MyType"><s>Job</s></a>
    <a n="TargetType"><s>Machine</s></a>

This means that the condor_q -xml output can't be piped directly to a
xml parser, but must first be "cleansed" with sed, grep, or some other
text processing tool.  It would be much nicer if there was either an
option to suppress this malformed header line, the header line was moved
to the xml document, or if there was an additional option to condor_q to
suppress this header.


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