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[Condor-users] Local universe


Does anyone use local universe jobs to monitor/schedule other jobs. (kind like the scheduler universe). I'm having trouble running this kind of jobs. In our pool we use a single(dedicated) windows user to run vanilla universe jobs.
What i need need to do is start a local universe jobs that will control/monitor... the vanilla jobs.

The problem is, if i submit the local universe jobs as my own username the scheduler try to get credential for that specific user. but the only credential store is the dedicated user that run vanilla jobs. So i have try putting +Owner and run_as_owner in the local universe submit file. But the scheduler give me this

The Requirements attribute for job 1722.0 did not evaluate. Unable to start job

The only way that i'm able to run the job is running the condor_submit command like that and remove +Owner and run_as_owner in the submit file

runas /env /user:dedicated_user  "condor_submit -n scheduler_machine  job_file"

doing that the local jobs start and is able to monitor/control other jobs.

Is there a way to bypass credential when submitting local universe jobs.