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Re: [Condor-users] Job does not vacate with condor_vacate_job signal

Tanzima Zerin Islam wrote:
 I have some jobs running in condor 7.0.3. When I send condor_vacate_job
signal to
the jobs, they sometimes get vacated and sometimes not. I have two jobs
submitted right now.
One is not getting vacated and I have sent like 10 vacate signals already.
Another one
got vacated the first time I sent this signal. Any clue why this might be


The machine/user you are sending the vacate signal from may not have permissions to actually vacate the job. You can check the StartLog on the execute machine to be sure.

Sometimes some debug output from a tool can be useful...

env _CONDOR_TOOL_DEBUG=D_FULLDEBUG condor_vacate -debug