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[Condor-users] Error after running make_stats script

Greeting to all,

We had in the past problems making the make_stats script to run from a windows box. Using a Unix emulator we were able to execute it but the problems persist at the following line:

# Set VIEWDIR to be the directory where you unpacked Java CondorView.

# It is likely to be the directory where this file you are now editing

# is located.


Please note that the directory permissions set on the /condor/VIEWDIR folder are Administrator for group, System for user”. Nonetheless after running the script the following error showed up:

./make_stats: line 41: cd: condor/viewdir : No such file or directory

cat: /tmp/vwstats.2468: No such file or directory

./make_user_stats: line 77: condor_stats: command not found

./make_user_stats: line 87: condor_stats: command not found

cat: /tmp/vwstats.3488: No such file or directory

We have tried all different possibilities and combinations that we can come out with to overcome the error but no luck so far.

We’ll thank in advance any input or help to clarify our problem,






Alex Alas

Systems Administrator
Fugro EarthData Inc

7320 Executive Way
Frederick, MD  21704
(301)948-8550 x 219

(301)963-2064 Fax