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Re: [Condor-users] retrieving output subdirectories

> If I put the tarring of subdirectory output files just after
condor_submit in
> a shell script, it will not find them, will it?

Correct. You need to, as part of the command you told Condor to execute,
bundle up the output for return. So if you were telling condor to run
'myapp', now you're going to write a script, lets call it myscript.bash,
that is:

	#!/usr/bin/env bash
	tar cvfz myapp.tar.gz `find . -newer time_stamp_file`

and tell Condor to run myscript.bash instead of myapp.

(I have to say I'm not 100% certain that second line will work. Bash
scripting isn't something I do all that often.)

> How must I tar all the output files (including the subdirectories)
> after process completion, but just before moving the output files and
> removing the execute directory?

Instead of removing everything from the output directory except the
tarball you can tell Condor what files to return. In this case you'd
tell it to ignore everything except for the stderr, stdout and your
mayapp.tar.gz file. See:


Seach for 'transfer_output_files' on that page to see how you tell
Condor *which* files you want it to return.

- Ian

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