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Re: [Condor-users] memory usage info

Actual memory usage is a bit difficult to define and also very difficult to get from the OS. Many people use RSS (resident set size), but this doesn't really reflect *actual* memory usage due to page sharing (who should get the bill for glibc?). Additionally, RSS is not a good measure of the memory a program needs, only of what it can get (it may need more, it may need less).


Ian Chesal wrote:
I was looking at condor_status -direct "host" -long ouput and was
wondering if the current usage in memory is represent somwhere?
I saw TotalMemory, TotalVirtualmemory... but that does not seem to
reflect the actual usage of memory.

Condor tracks the memory used by a job under its control in the
'ImageSize' classad variable. There's probably some fascinating ancedote
for why it's called ImageSize, but I don't know it.

Also, it's not always accurate depending on what you're running and on
what OS.

- Ian

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