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Re: [Condor-users] ClassAd and env variable

Some comments:

1. If it makes sense in your case, you could try using STARTER_JOB_ENVIRONMENT.

2. If you just want to stick something in its own attribute of the job ClassAd, you can use SUBMIT_EXPRS in your configuration.

3. You can insert stuff from the environment of condor_submit.  Example:
environment = "MY_ENV=$ENV(MY_DEF)"

3. If you really do want to insert something into the environment of the job from the config file on the submit machine, I think something like the following would work:

In the config file:

In the submit file:
environment = "MY_ENV=$$([MY_DEF])"


carl langlois wrote:

Is it possible to substitute a ClassAd definition in the environment line of the submit file.

Let say i have this in config local of a machine


and in submit

environment= "MY_ENV = $(MY_DEF)"

i did a quick test and it does not seem to work...but maybe i am missing something.




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