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[Condor-users] Install.exe missing from windows 7.0.0 zip file

I've just found that the install.exe (to install and register
condor_master.exe as a service) appears to be missing from
the zip archive for windows for version 7.0.0
It should be in c:\condor\bin
We use this for automated remote install using DOS batch scipts.

Can someone please confirm this?

I have it from earlier versions so can just use that but thought
I should mention it.



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> Subject: Re: [Condor-users] incomplete udp for command 0 / command 2
> Daniel Forrest wrote:
> >This is a problem with UDP under Windows, it considers a 
> packet "sent"
> >when the sendto() call is made, not when the packet has actually hit
> >the wire.  So if sendto() is called too rapidly (e.g. when collector
> >update packets are split) you can lose the previous UDP packet if it
> >hasn't really been sent yet.
> >
> >What we did was add "D_NETWORK" to the MASTER_DEBUG and STARTD_DEBUG
> >flags in the config file.  The added delay of logging the UDP packets
> >seems to be enough to keep this from happening.
> >
> >You can alternatively use "UPDATE_COLLECTOR_WITH_TCP = True" 
> and avoid
> >UDP entirely.
> >  
> >
> A patch for this problem that Dan Forrest is referring to was 
> released 
> in 6.8.7, but some mistake was made, because no note of this 
> was made in 
> the 6.8.7 version history.
> Rob, can you please try 6.8.8 or 7.0.0 and see if this solves 
> your problem?
> --Dan
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