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Re: [Condor-users] How to get Machine Availability using Condor

> A quick question on how to retrieve machine's availability
> using Condor, I do not want to use condor_stats command
> every time I check for a machine availability.

Do you mean you don't want to use condor_status? That's the traditional
way to see machine availabilty in Condor. Condor Quill in 7.0.x has
added a bunch of new tables that track the machine information -- might
be something to investigate if you want to deal with a DB instead of the
condor_status command line tool.
> I know there is a ClassAd for each resource under Condor called
> as "LoadAvg" which gives me a machine current load average and
> which guarantees that the machine is running under Condor perfectly.
> So is there a way I can use this ClassAd expression to be exported
> in my script, which will check for the resource load? 

Yes: condor_status is the answer. Specifically:

condor_status -f "%s\t" machine -f "%f\n" loadavg

Prints a list of slots and their associated loadavg classad attribute.

> So, how can we export already set ClassAds to my script?
> I can use both Shell Scripting or C Programming to write the

I'll have to leave this one to the STARTD_CRON experts. I don't know if
there's a better way to access machine attributes from a STARTD_CRON
job. It sounds like you don't want to know the loadavg for *all* the
machines in the pool, just the machine the cron job is running on. You
can modify my above condor_status call to show you this information:

condor_status -direct localhost -f "%s\t" machine -f "%f\n" loadavg
> I need this feature so that I could check few of the set ClassAds

You can string together lots of -f options to see any attribute in the
machine's classad.

- Ian

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