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[Condor-users] Better control over negotiator?


I've got a bunch of (theoretically) identical machines (dual core ones), 
and have set aside a few of them which only advertise a single slot, to
allow for bigger jobs.
I have also defined


to discourage usage of these machines by "small" jobs.
Unfortunately, there seems to be another ranking in effect which is based
on other characteristics (for historical reasons, some users still have
a RANK=MIPS in their submit files). Sometimes, when the pool is almost
idle, the "big" slots are taken nevertheless. (seen with 6.9.5, confirmed
with 7.0.0)

I can also see (now, with 7.0.0) that slots are matched in pairs: if one
slot of the dual-slot machines is taken, the other one would be, too.
I suppose this is due to the rank value being identical for slots on the
same machine?

Is there a (simple but consistent) way to handle the small slots the same,
(by rounding MIPS and KFLOPS values ? 
while reserving the big ones for big jobs as long as possible?

Is it possible, in an almost idle pool, to claim slots "in alphabetical 

Is there a way to read out the actual value of NEGOTIATOR_PRE_JOB_RANK
from an individual slot?


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