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[Condor-users] VM Universe in Windows Condor 7.0.0: cannot run VM universe jobs (no networking)

Hello Condor users,


I am trying to get up and running using a Windows-based 7.0.0 pool to run VM-universe Condor jobs using VMServer.


Firstly, I assume that the VM image must itself have Condor installed in order to run VM-universe jobs (is this correct?).


Secondly, even though I have specified






in the condor_vmgahp_config.vmware file, the copied virtual machine, when it starts up on the physical host, does not seem to have an ethernet card device (even though the original virtual machine does). The virtual machine starts up OK, but in its MasterLog there is a warning message about using the loopback address (presumably because the ethernet card device is absent). Checking the .vmx file for the virtual machine shows there is no entry


Ethernet0.present = "TRUE"


So my question is, is the VM networking feature fully implemented in Windows Condor, and if so, any idea what I might be doing wrong? any advice would be gratefully received.