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[Condor-users] KeyBoard Idle Time infinite

Hello everybody.

I just checked my Condor StartLog and to my surprise I get this message there which assumes infinite idle time for my mouse/keyboard stating:
"2/11 07:36:56 Unable to calculate keyboard/mouse idle time due to them both being USB or not present, assuming infinite idle time for these devices."

Does anyone have any idea, why is it so? and how can I configure my condor to take in to account this measure,. I am sure the keyboard and mouse are present and yes they are connected through USB, so how do I make those changes to get such information. I mean I would like to know the information when are the users coming back to the machine, and "KeyboardIdle" will be the best ClassAd to give me such information.
I have installed Condor v 6.8.6 on my 3 machines, with one being the Central Manager.

Saurabh Agarwal,
Graduate Student - Computer Science,
Binghamton University.