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Re: [Condor-users] grid universe == globus universe?

Wayne Betts wrote:
While troubleshooting an unrelated(?) issue I noticed my colleague's use of "universe = globus" where I was using "universe = grid" in our respective condor-G submit files (while using condor versions 6.8.6 and 7.0.0 on a couple of submit nodes.)

I see that the 'globus' universe was last listed in the Condor 6.6 manual, and is no longer in the list of supported universes (as of the V6.8 manual), apparently replaced by the grid universe.

 From the release notes of Condor v. 6.7.19, I found:

"The *globus* universe [... is] retired. [...] For the newer syntax of *grid* universe jobs, please see section 5.3 <http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v6.8/5_3Grid_Universe.html#sec:GridUniverse> on the *grid* universe, as well as the /condor_ submit/ manual page [...].

Is "universe = globus" still supported in Condor-G submit files in Condor versions 6.8 and 7.0? If so, is it identical to "universe = grid"? I saw something at one point that made me think perhaps the jobs submitted with universe = globus were limited to only the gt2 grid_type.

They both seem to work with gt2 and wind up with "JobUniverse = 9" in the ClassAds for the job, but I'm wondering if they really are identical (as they seem to be in our limited testing.)

Anyway, if I haven't gone too far afield so far, is there some point in the release cycle when "universe = globus" will no longer be recognized?

For now, using "universe=globus" in your submit file is equivalent to doing universe = grid with the gt2 grid_type. But this backwards compatibility 'feature' may certainly go away, as doing "universe=globus" has been deprecated. Best to move over to using the universe=grid syntax as soon as convenient.