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Re: [Condor-users] grid universe == globus universe?

Ops... out of topic!
Just wonder anybody knows how to measure scalability?
Say my resource broker in condor-G is scalable- how do we claim then


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Wayne Betts wrote:
> While troubleshooting an unrelated(?) issue I noticed my colleague's
> of "universe = globus" where I was using "universe = grid" in our 
> respective condor-G submit files (while using condor versions 6.8.6
> 7.0.0 on a couple of submit nodes.)
> I see that the 'globus' universe was last listed in the Condor 6.6 
> manual, and is no longer in the list of supported universes (as of the

> V6.8 manual), apparently replaced by the grid universe.
>  From the release notes of Condor v. 6.7.19, I found:
> "The *globus* universe [... is] retired. [...] For the newer syntax of

> *grid* universe jobs, please see section 5.3 
> on the *grid* universe, as well as the /condor_ submit/ manual page
> Is "universe = globus" still supported in Condor-G submit files in 
> Condor versions 6.8 and 7.0?   If so, is it identical to "universe = 
> grid"?  I saw something at one point that made me think perhaps the
> submitted with universe = globus were limited to only the gt2
> They both seem to work with gt2 and wind up with "JobUniverse = 9" in 
> the ClassAds for the job, but I'm wondering if they really are
> (as they seem to be in our limited testing.)
> Anyway, if I haven't gone too far afield so far, is there some point
> the release cycle when "universe = globus" will no longer be

For now, using "universe=globus" in your submit file is equivalent to 
doing universe = grid with the gt2 grid_type.   But this backwards 
compatibility 'feature' may certainly go away, as doing 
"universe=globus" has been deprecated.  Best to move over to using the 
universe=grid syntax as soon as convenient.


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