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Re: [Condor-users] Collector error - ERROR: receiving new UDP message but found a long message still waiting to be closed


> 2. But here's the problem: in 6.8.8 and earlier versions, when rejecting 
> the initial UDP message that was using the invalid security session, the 
> collector would leave behind some half-finished business.

Does this "half-finished business" result in a memory leak within the
collector daemon?

As I've already reported a few times in the past (to the condor-admin list,
with the following ticket IDs: #15751 and #14367) we noticed memory leaks in
the collector when SSL encryption is enabled but the execution node doesn't
"speak" SSL.

We don't have installed Condor 7.0.0 yet, since we are still testing it in
non-production environment, but it would be great if this leak has been
fixed (thus avoiding periodical crashes of the collector due to
out-of-memory condition).