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Re: [Condor-users] Matlab Distributed Computing Engine and Condor


Our general suggestion is to run a few jobs and make sure you
have your application doing what you want and then to use
the Matlab compiler to set yourself up with a license free
application which can run anywhere. We then let Condor handle
the submission and handling of the data out to our cluster.

We usually create a DAG and submit the Dag with Dagman to ensure
that we can restart it if some had issues and failed without redoing
all of them.

We keep a copy of the Matlab compiler runtime on a shared file system
that all the nodes can see and simply move the data needed for each job.

We have not had a need to look at their tool. I fired up a job on Wednesday
for a department here and we had run 2,400 jobs by about the same time
the next day.

Hope this helps some.

Condor Team

Baker, Allan wrote:


I am evaluating whether I can use Condor as a job manager for the MATLAB Distributed Computing Engine from The Mathworks. I have not used Condor before.
Has anyone attempted to do this before?

Any guidance or lessons learned from the user community would be appreciated.

Best Regards,

Allan R. Baker
Systems Engineer Staff - Guidance & Navigation
*Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control - Dallas*
allan.baker@xxxxxxxx 972.603.7621


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