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Re: [Condor-users] Disabling the restarting of jobs

Robert E. Parrott wrote:

OK one more question:

With the requirements expression, how might one put this into a config file, so the user could add an expression like

"+DoNotRestartJob = TRUE"

to their submit file?

Clearly I can add

SHOULD_NOT_RESTART_TRIGGER = ( $(DoNotRestartJob) =?= TRUE ) && ( $ (NumJobStarts) > 0 ) && ( $(JobStatus) == 1 ) SYSTEM_PERIODIC_HOLD = $(SYSTEM_PERIODIC_HOLD) || ( $ (SHOULD_NOT_RESTART_TRIGGER) )

You don't want to refer to DoNotRestartJob as a configuration file macro, because it is a job attribute, so do not put $() around it.

But how do I add the requirements line to the central config file for general use?

You can use APPEND_REQUIREMENTS in the config file.