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[Condor-users] MPI and Flocked Pools

I have a setup where I have a number of clusters around campus that can satisfy
job requests.  I have a "submit" pool (a cluster head node with no compute nodes)
where users submit condor jobs. Since it has no local resources, all requests are satisfied
by the flocked-to clusters.  It is simple and works well.

I'm trying to figure out if I can submit MPI jobs on my submit pool and have them run on
one of the flocked-to clusters? From the online manual, it seems that there is a dedicated
scheduler node that needs definition and configuration.  The question is, can I have  a dedicated scheduler
node per cluster and then use flocking to satisfy parallel (MPI) job requests? That is submit an MPI
job on my "submit pool" and have it's resource request satisfied by one of my flocked-to clusters?

 Or do I need
one scheduler node ((e.g. my "submit" pool node)).


Philip Papadopoulos, PhD
University of California, San Diego