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Re: [Condor-users] run_as_owner not working in 6.9.5: LOCAL_CREDD bug?

Starting simply:  you need to run the “condor_store_cred –c add” command, and then restart Condor (using ‘net stop condor && net start condor”) before the LOCAL_CRED=<name>:<port> will appear in the ClassAd.  I believe a condor_reconfig or a partial restart is not sufficient.


The stored password is not removed when uninstalling Condor, so if you ran the condor_store_cred command without restarting Condor, and then rolled back to 6.8.8, that may have caused it to work.




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Subject: [Condor-users] run_as_owner not working in 6.9.5: LOCAL_CREDD bug?


I am trying to set up a small Condor pool with one submit only/master node (Vista) and one submit/execute node (XP). I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get the RUN_AS_OWNER feature working, so that jobs submitted will be run under the credentials of the submitter. The jobs remain in the idle queue and do not run: using condor_q –analyze indicates the problem may be that the job requires that the execute node must advertise “LOCAL_CREDD = <hostname of CREDD host>:9620”.


Specifying CREDD_HOST=$(CONDOR_HOST):$(CREDD_PORT) in the condor_config on the execute node (the default) *does not* work as expected: instead of displaying  “LOCAL_CREDD = <hostname of CREDD host>:9620” in response to condor_status -long,  no information is displayed at all. (However, specifying CREDD_HOST=$(CONDOR_HOST) does causes “LOCAL_CREDD = <hostname of CREDD host>” to be displayed).


I then tried reverting to 6.8.8 and this version *does* display the full information i.e. “LOCAL_CREDD = <hostname of CREDD host>:9620” for the execute node.


Has anyone else come across such a problem, and is there a workaround?