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Re: [Condor-users] Independent configuration of VMs

>   I have a question about the possibility to configure Condor 
> virtual machines to have different settings. In particular, I 
> would like to assign separate 'Execute' directory for each 
> machine. Have not figured out how to do this while reading manual.
>  I'm using 6.8.5 version of Condor.

AFAIK all VMs, or nodes, on a particular machine have to share the same
base execute directory. You could, as part of your job, look at which VM
you're job is being run under and change to another directory of your
choice before doing any processing.

On our bigger SMP machines I've often wished I could easily split the
VMs execute directories to separate locations so as to put the disk load
from each job on a separate physical drive. The above sol'n is all I've
got for answer to that problem right now.

- Ian