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Re: [Condor-users] Multiple windows machine management?

Thanks, for all the great inputs from all of you and fast response also ;-). I'll probaly be using a batch file like Greg mention in is mail to manage version of condor/config.



On Jan 16, 2008 10:39 AM, Ben Burnett <burnett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Carl:


It certainly is possible to run Condor off a remote resource, but there is one important issue to be considered: What is the expected behavior during a loss of connectivity.  As a service, Condor can be restarted automatically by Windows, but determining the timing will be important.  If the connection is only lost for a minute, then it seems silly to wait 30 minutes for a restart to happen, so you need to find a restart policy that works for you. 


Another option, which I have not tried with executables, is the offline file option for remote folders.  According to the documentation this will maintain a synchronized version of the remote resource locally:  I can't speak to its robustness, however.


As far as what the machines need to have changed, you will need to make two changes:  The value of CONDOR_CONFIG in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Condor  will need to point to the new configuration file (i.e. Z:\condor\condor_config), and the Condor service must point to the appropriate remote resource.


Hope that helps.





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Hi all,

 I'm in the process of setting a windows XP/2003 pool. Do any of you have suggestions/Doc  on managing multiple machine. In the Condor documention for Windows the specified that binary/config file should be place on local disk, is there any way i could manager remotetly the version of condor, changing configuration files, on any of the machine etc....Any advice or experience would be appreciate.



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