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[Condor-users] CondorView Applet 2.0 giving incorrect numbers

Hi All
I just noticed that after upgrading the condorview applet to 2.0 that
there seems to be an extra column included after "idle average".
The headers have not been updated so that incorrect column headings
appear after this with the last one having no header. The last 2 column
headers need to be shifted along and a new one inserted for the new
column of numbers but it's not immediately obvious what these numbers
even are.
Is this something well known? I don't recall seeing any reference to it
before. BTW, it's not just our setup that this occurs for. Checkout the
condorview link at the bottom left of the main UW condor home page.
The same thing can be seen here too.
Thanks for any info.
P.S. Just saw this on the download page.
CondorView Client Version History ver 2.0: * Added support for the Backfill state.
Is the new column related to this? If so how come I'm getting numbers
in there that mean nothing? We don't have backfill implemented. Or
does this depend on the version of the view_server (collector) running?
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