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Re: [Condor-users] Job was evicted

Harald van Pee wrote:
On Thursday 17 January 2008 04:51 pm, Dan Bradley wrote:
By the way, is it possible to just suspend a job with condor and continue
without restarting and without checkpointing in vanilla universe under

Here's an example of one way it can be done:


o.k. this is what I need! Thanks!
But how exactly is a high-priority job defined?

Can the user just  give in the cmd file
or HighPrioJob= TRUE

I have updated the manual (not yet released) to clarify this point. There is no special meaning to the attribute IsHighPrioJob. It is therefore up to the user to define this attribute in the submit file, if so desired. Example:

+IsHighPrioJob = True

Yes, we are looking into other checkpointing options.  Virtual machine
checkpointing is one possibility.

That sounds interesting. Is it planed for the next devlopment series of condor or even implementet or just a case study?

The development priorities for the next cycle have not been set in stone yet, so it's too early to say.