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Re: [Condor-users] Getting 6.8.6 for Solaris 9?

Ian Chesal wrote:
I know you can mix stable release minor versions and that I could just
use 6.8.8 but for consistency I'd *really* like to keep all my pool
running 6.8.6. I grabbed everything I thought I'd need when it was
available...except for Solaris 9. :( Any chance you guys can keep old
minor versions up on the website a little longer?

Well, as you know the binaries for all those platforms take up a lots of space, and space may be more limited esp on mirror sites (this is one reason why mirror sites have not been operating much lately, but we are working to improve that situation).

As you state above, you really should not encounter any problems mixing point releases within the same stable series... if anything, using v6.8.8 on your Solaris box will mean Condor there will have more bug fixes.

But assuming you are not convinced ;), I bounced your message into condor-admin, and someone here will make the v6.8.6 Sol9 binary available to you shortly.