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Re: [Condor-users] Getting 6.8.6 for Solaris 9?

> But assuming you are not convinced ;), I bounced your message into 
> condor-admin, and someone here will make the v6.8.6 Sol9 binary 
> available to you shortly.

Thanks Todd. Were it me that needed to be convinced I wouldn't have
asked. It's a headache in some of the process qualification stuff upper
management pushes down on us but that's corporate life I suppose. I'd
need it for all of 1 hour to download it and that's it.

I've got a few questions for you on the 7.0.x release. I read through
the release notes for 6.9.x but some of the bullets are a little vague.

Last time we talked about 6.9.x you mentioned a new negotiation
algorithm, where you'd take in all the job ads from a scheduler and
itterate in memory in the negotiator before passing back a steady state
solution to the schedd to use to start jobs. Did this make it into

In the notes for 6.9.5 it mentions SCHEDD_QUERY_WORKERS -- these worker
sub-processes are handling condor_q calls? Does that mean condor_q calls
no longer block scheduling? What about submits? Do they still block
condor_shadow spawning by the condor_schedd process?

With the new VM universe does this mean Condor startd's run on VMWare's
bare metal Linux distribution? I'm most interested in using VMs on the
OS distribution that supports paravirtualized drivers so we can run very
near to native speed inside VMs. With VMWare the only way I know of to
get this is to use their strippped down, bare metal, esX Linux server
distribution. Have your VM universe guys been testing with this distro
or have they just been running the free VMWare player on top of say RHEL
or OEL or CentOS?

And finally: what happened to schedd-on-the-side? I was all set to try
using it to manage scarce floating licenses with Condor but
schedd-on-the-side hasn't be heard from since the 2006 Condor

- Ian

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