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Re: [Condor-users] Who do I write for the source code?

> Maybe somebody in the Condor team could chime in,


zach miller (from the condor team) here.  i was going to make this announcement
later today to condor-world, but it's relevant here as well now.

we have spent considerable time over the 6.9.X series preparing and organizing
the source so that people outside of our development team would be able to
compile it, and were planning to make the source readily available starting
with condor 7.0.0, which was released yesterday.  from the condor home page:

January 22, 2008:
  The Condor Team announces the release of Condor 7.0.0. This first release in
  a new stable series includes all new features added in the 6.9 development
  series. See the Version History for a complete list of changes. Condor 7.0.0
  binaries and source code are available from our Downloads page: