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Re: [Condor-users] How to configure matching to happen on submission?

> Hi, I'd like to increase the responsiveness of the new condor
> pool I've setup.  I'd like the equivalent of "condor_reschedule"
> to be run each time a job is submitted, and otherwise to just
> use the SCHEDD_INTERVAL (set to 30 seconds).  Is this possible?

If you're not using 7.0.0 already you can upgrade. There are lots of
performance enhancements in 7.0.0.

On your scheduler you can decrease SCHEDD_INTERVAL but don't go too low.
You don't want your schedd process too busy updating the collector. It
needs time to spawn shadows, take in new jobs and deal with condor_q
calls. Something like:


You can have the negotiator run matchmaking cycles more frequently.
Something like:


That runs a matchmaking cycles at least every 60 seconds instead of the
default 5 minutes.

- Ian

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