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[Condor-users] Results of aborted condor job


I'm new to condor so I'm sorry if the answer is obvious. I'm trying some
experiments with long jobs and want to put a limit on the time they use.

But when the job aborts, an email message is sent but no transfer of any
files generated

Here is my condor submit job file
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT
Executable = frames.exe
Universe = vanilla
output = frames.out
error = frames.err
log = frames.log
notify_user = rha50@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
notification = Always
periodic_remove = (RemoteWallClockTime - CumulativeSuspensionTime) >
transfer_input_files = tiles.txt

frames.log file:

000 (040.000.000) 01/28 11:01:48 Job submitted from host:
001 (040.000.000) 01/28 11:01:53 Job executing on host:
009 (040.000.000) 01/28 11:18:54 Job was aborted by the user.
	The job attribute PeriodicRemove expression
'(RemoteWallClockTime - CumulativeSuspensionTime) > 1000' evaluated to

frames.err and frames.out are empty files

What do I need to do to retrieve the output file contents from
processing done before the abort?