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Re: [Condor-users] gcc 3.2.3 and condor 7.0.0 source

Craig Bruce wrote:
With the release of the condor source I am keen to compile on our x86_64
openSUSE machines as the RHEL binaries never quite worked. However when
configuring it states gcc 3.2.3 is the only version of gcc suitable for
compilation. Given gcc 3.x no longer ships with the latest OS's (and is
quite old) are there any plans to move to gcc 4.x?


This shouldn't be the case. If you take a look at configure.ac and search for GCC, you should find that compilers up to 4.1.2 are "recognized". What is telling you that you can only use gcc 3.2.3? If you discover that I'm entirely wrong come chat with us over at condor-devel.